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This website was created by people who love and play a beautiful and wise game of basketball and also have some good experience in online betting. Basketball is truly an amazing sport to place your bets on. Many different team and individual player stats generate a broad field for various betting odds.

Basketball is also a very unpredictable sport at most of the times, especially when we consider the NBA (National Basketball Association). A long season usually providers quite a few surprises almost every week. We generally concentrate on the NBA while giving the betting advises, but we also try to cover the EuroLeague and other interesting competitions all over the world.

Getting Started

Before you start your online betting experience, please take a look at a few articles that give valuable advises of choosing the sportsbooks to play at. Before you make your first deposit and start real betting, it is a good idea to find out what kind of betting options are there in basketball and how do they differ from the ones in other sports.

We also have a few articles on general betting issues, like the difference between European and Asian handicap systems, what betting types are usually offered by most sportsbooks and which payment methods are advised to use.

Planning a Strategy

As you may well be aware of, there are numerous of betting strategies out there. Some are famous and applicable to all kinds of sports and some are especially designed for basketball. On a Betting Strategies page we have numerous articles that advise both new and experienced players to be wise and plan your bets accordingly. Betting is something that you can earn some good money while having fun, but you can only achieve this if you are careful and disciplined.

Follow the Scores

The Basketball LiveScores Online page offers the real-time updated customizable table that shows the top competition scores from all over the world. It is a convenient tool to follow your betting.

Bet of the Day

Check out the Bet of the Day page daily during the season time in order to get a good betting advise on the most interesting bets. We usually focus on NBA when giving the betting advises, but sometimes there are other interesting matches out there. Stay tuned!

We wish you a pleasant betting experience! May the luck be with you at all times, but don’t rely on it too often and remember about careful analysis.