8 facts about EuroBasket 2013 Day 1

September 5, 2013

Day one of EuroBasket 2013 is behind and there are plenty of facts to mention. Some surprising results like losses of Team Turkey and Team France and other things to mention in our daily review.

The Sensation

The real underdogs that miss their fundamental players Nowitzki and Caman, Team Germany snatched a sensational victory over France. Don’t think twice, the victory did not come for lucky 3 point shooting or some other basketball God help. Team Germany was simply stronger, which is a surprise not to say the least. They won the battle for boards and played a nice combinational basketball. This is a way to beat the favorites. Heiko Schaffartzik had 12 points and 11 dimes for Germany, while Tony Parker answered with 18 and 4 for France.



Bogdan Tanievic should have been fired by the Turkey team administration right after the home World Championship in 2010. The team looked really sad and this year does not seem to be better. Turkey lost to Finland, and could not use the height advantage they had. Team Finland won the rebouds and the game.

Referee Mistake

Macedonia was supposed to get a W against Montenegro, but due to the mistake by the referee, they did not. They simply did not approve the game winning shot by Macedonians at the last seconds while trailing -1. This really endangers the team’s chances.

Clutch performance

The Ukrainians dully trailed for the most of the match against Belgium, but came on top at the clutch and won the game. The questions remain for the team though, how far can they go?

The Dunk

Not much to comment here, the top slam of the day goes to Eliyahu from Israel in a game vs Great Britain.

The Hero

Milos who?! Nemanja Nenadovic made everyone forget that Teodosic is absent from the Serbia squad. Ivkovic’s started off confidently by beating Lithuania and the Warriors guard looked the best for the winning team.

The Fastbreak

And the award goes to Rice from Macedonia, no questions here.

Fan of the Day

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