The so called Tunnel bets strategy was first discovered by basketball punters. Later it moved on to tennis and volleyball, but we have to admit that basketball is the best sport to use this strategy.

The idea of tunnel bets lies in the fact that different sportsbooks might always have different totals rate that form a tunnel between the predicted totals. This gives us another good chance to earn with low risks.

You make two different bets on the same event and choose two different sportbooks that offer different totals with similar odds.

You pick two different sportbooks that give different totals prediction on the same basketball match. For example, you choose a game between Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs. One sportbook offers a totals line of 203, while the other one has 206 with the same odds of 1.85. The difference is 3 points. We make a bet of $100 on over 203 at one sportbook and another bet of $100 of under 206 in another. In case the match result “fits” the tunnel and is between 203 and 206, we win $370 that includes our initial $200 bet. In case we miss the tunnel, we get $185 as only one of the bets wins, losing $15.

The most important thing in this strategy is to find a good “tunnel” and make the right bet. The wider the tunnel, the better chances you have to hit it. Play wise and use this strategy when you find the right odds.