Martingale is an old betting strategy that is rooted back to the 18th century. Even if you never placed a bet before, most probably you’ve heard something about Martingale. It is widely used not only in betting, but in a wide range of casino games and financial operations.

Reportedly, there was a real person called Henry Martingale, who was famous in London’s gambling circles during the late 18th century. Although, there is no real proof that he ever existed.

Please note that the strategy itself is a progressive one and requires quite a big budget. Among all other strategies described on, this one will cost you more, but will potentially bring you a bigger income. The main problem is to have enough patience and budget to get this income.

Martingale is used for bets with odds not less than 2.00, so always take this into the account. The basic idea is that you have to double your initial bet after you lost it and get back to the initial bet after you won.


Bet 1. Odds: 2.55. $50. Lost.
Bet 2. Odds: 3.15. $100. Lost.
Bet 3. Odds: 2.65. $200. Won.
Bet 4. Odds: 3.00. $50… and so on.

In this case you had 3 bets overall with a budget of $350 and when the bet finally won, we got $530, with the profit of $180.

Of course, you may always get unlucky and either lose your budget or reach the maximum bet that is allowed by the sportsbook you play with. This system can only be a sure thing when you have an unlimited budget.

Think wise and decide when to use Martingale.