Catch-up betsThe name of catch-up bets tells the story of what you will have to do in order to use the strategy. The idea is to catch-up on your bet while betting on the same result.

Catch-up bets are all about keeping on betting on the same outcome until you win increasing your bet in case of a loss and starting from an initial bet in case of a win. This is one of the strategies that are widely used in basketball betting, as well as football and baseball.

There are a few different types of catch-up bets available:

  • single catch-up bets
  • double catch-up bets
  • progressive catch-up bets

Catch-up bets are used to bet on game totals. You also need to understand what an iteration is and be able to count wisely. Iteration is a no-win period. Using catch-up bets you should plan your bankroll in order for it to survive an iteration period of at least 7 rounds. Usually punters are using Martingale System when planning the catch-up bets.

Single Catch-Up Bets

The single catch-up bets system means that you bet on a same team in the same tournament or competition. You make the same bet until it wins and then start all over. The odds for this strategy should be bigger than 2.00 and you should always keep your bankroll status in mind.

For example, your team, say Chicago Bulls, scored under 100 total points in the past 5 matches. We will make a bet of $10 that it will score 100 or more. If the bet losses, we bet $20 that they will score over 100 in the next game. If it losses again, we bet $40 and so on. Usually, you should not wait for more than 5 iterations to reach a win.

To use catch-up bets, you should learn to count the constant bet coefficient. As we mentioned above, you should not aim at odds less than 2.00 unless are not a financial strategy guru.

The constant bet coefficient (C) may be calculated using the formula:

C = 1+(1/(k-1)), where k is a minimum coefficient value.

Double Catch-Up Bets

The double catch-up bets strategy is similar to single, but in that case you alter your bets – betting on less than 100 points in one game, for example, and on 100 or more in another.

So you first bet $10 on Bulls to score below 100, then, if they score more, you bet $20 on them to score 100 or more in the next game.

Progressive Catch-Up Bets

The progressive catch-up bets strategy is also using a formula to calculate the next bet. The size of the bet will depend on a progression.

Loss + Win / Betting Odds – 1

The loss is calculated for the money lost for N-1, where N is the current catch-up round.

As you may see, it is quite a challenging task to use this kind of strategy and it is not the best if you are an amateur punter.