Use the right basketball betting strategies in order to profit

Basketball may become a profitable hobby

There are many different ways to improve your ROI (Rate of Investment) and make your betting experience profitable. Both offline and online sportsbooks make a fortune on impulsive and poorly disciplined punters that are lead by emotions but not their common sense. They do not tend to use the betting strategies. concentrates on basketball betting strategies, but also offers a broader view on sportsbook betting as well.

If you want to have fun and make some money as well, you will have to stick to some rules when planning your future bets. Those are often being referred to as “betting strategies”. The statistics say that over 98% of people who think that betting is luck eventually lose money and those are the people that “feed” the sportbook companies. You can’t allow yourself to be carried away by the gambling excitement, or tilt, as they call it in poker. You will (or at least your wallet) suffer the consequences if you do.

Betting is fun and it is especially fun when you win. But did you have a feeling that you lost control and start to bet just for the sake of it, not planning and not counting the money you lost already? You definitely need to take a look at some betting strategies in this case. Please don’t expect to get an 80-90% right after you do. A person who could get this high percentage right would make all the bookmaker companies go bankrupt if he existed. The best punters do not usually have more than 60-65% of their bets winning, but earn quite a lot. They do use various betting strategies and are usually concentrated only on one or two kinds of sports.

Basketball Betting Strategies

If we talk about basketball betting strategies, we analyze a specific sport that offers a very broad betting opportunities that differ from other sports. Just think about all those statistics basketball offers… Top sportbooks may offer up to 60 various odds on just a single game!

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. Millions of people follow the numerous basketball leagues and tournaments every season, therefore basketball betting strategies is a subject to consider.

The major interest in basketball betting is, ofcourse, all about the National Basketball Association (NBA). There are 30 teams in the North American league at the moment and each plays 82 regular season games not to mention the Playoffs and pre-season exhibition matches. In case you not keen on NBA, you may definitely consider European and Asian basketball tournaments and championships. Games are scheduled for nearly every day and this forms a great field for betting.

Handicap Bets

The most popular bet type in basketball betting strategies is related to handicap bets. You probably noticed those for NBA matches, they look like: San Antonio Spurs (-2.5) vs Miami Heat (+2.5).

The idea is the same as in other sports. If the handicap is negative, you should deduct it from the final points sum of the team you had a bet on. If it is positive, you should, vica versa, add the handicap to the score.

Bets on Underdogs

Players tend to bet on favorites and the reasons lay in the psychological field. This makes the basketball betting market interesting for bets on outsiders. Underdogs usually get quite good handicaps from bookmakers.

For past 10 seasons in NBA, for instance, outsider teams with handicap of +12 and over “cracked” the bet in 53% of games. Same happens in the NCAA – 53% of the time outsiders break the handicap of +17. This demonstrates the theory that in the American sports outsiders are often underestimated by both fans and bookmakers. In case the later say that a given team has no chances in the upcoming match – there is sign you can use this to benefit.

Bets of Favorites

Almost everyone tend to believe that favorites and popular teams simply have to win every time they face a weaker (in a common meaning) team. Los Angeles Lakers is the most popular team in the NBA and it does have a great history of winning. But it is only history now. This is what makes many players to make some obvious mistakes while betting. If you look at the statistics you will understand why those bets are doomed to fail in the long run.

For the past 10 seasons Lakers broke the bookmakers’ handicap forecast in less than 47% of the games. In addition they have a relatively poor home record, while most of the time bookmakers rate them too optimistic to win at home. In past 10 years the handicap of -10 was broken by Lakers only in 37% of matches that makes clear the fact that the team’s strength is often overestimated.

You may go on and analyze other popular teams. They have the same tendency. Basketball betting strategies involve taking every little factor into the account.

Names don’t win matches and you should not blindly believe in a popular team while making a bet. Still, psychologically many players do feel a power of a franchise while making a bet and forget to take some other important factors into the account.

Bets on Totals

Those bets are also quite popular in basketball and are similar to other sports. Bookmakers offer a total combined amount of points scored by both teams (or by each team). Your task is to guess whether the teams will exceed this forecast or not. Usually totals in NBA are between 180 and 220 points, while in European competitions it is lower – 120 to 160 points.

Below we present the various popular methods that can be applied in basketball betting strategies:

Consider them when choosing the strategy that would suit you best and remember to play smart!