Top 5 mistakes in online gambling

August 29, 2016
Losing your temper if one of the mistakes in online gambling

Try to keep cool and stay focused

Sports betting belongs to online gambling just like poker – it may be a game of skill if you master it, but you may also end up broke if you lose your patience and discipline. For most players online gamble is like a roller coaster – you have your good days and the black ones are there as well. To stay clear of trouble you should follow simple rules and remember about the top 5 mistakes in online gambling that people tend to make.

#1: Concentrating on a loss

This is a most common one out there – you lose your first couple of bets and become eager to get your money back. No one wants to end up without a bankroll at the end of a playing session, but concentrating on a loss and trying to get your money back is wrong and will only do you more harm. Remember about your bankroll management every time you play and try to keep your head cool.

#2: Raising your bets to get your money back

Following the first rule, this is one of the most “popular” mistakes in online gambling. You lose $10 playing badly and you start betting $20 in order to get your bankroll back – in most cases this will only make you lose event more. This is called a “tilt” in some games. Try to stay focused and lower the bets amounts until you find the right strategy.

#3: Playing depressed or in a bad mood

When you suffer big losses or simply have a spell of bad luck – try to make a pause in playing skill gambling games. When you play, you need to use all your skill advantage in order to have an edge, but in case you’re down and depressed – you might lose your advantage.

#4: Long playing session

Don’t try to get it all today. Having a regular rest is incredibly important if you want to stay concentrated and show your A-game. Some people tend to think that if they are losing now, the mathematical probability will allow them to win if they stay longer in a playing session. Sometimes it might be right, but most of the time you will lose your concentration and, yeah, money too.

#5: Status/VIP points excuse

Most online gambling products have a VIP system that gives you status points as you play more games. This is a very tricky part, because many people see an excuse of getting extra status points when they lose. They think that even though the lost, they will still get status points that can be spent on getting some of the bankroll later. The truth is, those points won’t do you any good when you lost a fortune. They will rarely compensate even 10% of your losses. Play wise.


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