Fixed Matches – Fact or Fiction?

August 16, 2016

You all probably heard about the fixed matches. Every once in a while you hear that some teams are being suspected in playing a fixed match or one of the teams paid the referee to help them and so on. Many bettors try to find the information about probable fixed matches online and the Internet is full of such articles. Just try to Google “Fixed matches” and you will get thousands of pages that will promise you a sure bet for a small amount of money. What are they actually selling?

The answer is as simple as it gets – they sell air. I am not saying that fixed matches do not exist, they do and probably there are quite a lot of them happening everywhere. Truth is – even if the match is going to be fixed, the people involved will do their best not to let the information leak. Fixed matches are illegal and are a subject of criminal offence, because they break the sports laws. Whenever the proof is found, the consequences for the related teams can be really harsh. Just think about Juventus in football that was sent to Serie B in the middle of 2000’s and more recent scandals in Turkish football. Basketball is not as popular as football, unfortunately, but fixed match scandals happen there as well.

The above proves that even if the match is going to be fixed, this information can not spread too far and become public. At least the people involved will do their very best to keep this in secret.

So who are all those people that offer you the secret information about an upcoming fixed match? Almost all of them are simple cheats that try to earn money on naive bettors. A small portion of them are just good analytics that try to build those forecasts on good knowledge and analysis. Of course those forecasts can never be 100% true and the bettor himself can also come close to the right bet just by being patient and using a good analysis.

The fraud plan is usually quite simple. The “bets seller” finds a certain amount of people that want to pay for a sure bet. Then he will tell half of the people that team A will win and the other half will be advised to bet on team B. After the match where team A won, the cheat will return the money to team B bettors and will continue to work with team A group. This is just one of the methods. The others can simply disappear after they take your money for the “sure bet”.

Unfortunately, fixed-matches do exist in real life, but you should never try to find this information online and use it for betting simply because no one will risk to make it too public. Think wise and be careful online.